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And what I created completely I’m totally stumped why more guys haven’t discovered these secrets. I was still broke as a joke, and I was still driving my 1980 pickup truck when I go on dates with the beautiful women ("Definitely eye-opening and mindboggling at the same time. I have learned an awful lot from the Community myself, and in many ways it has shaped the dating coach I am today. However, as the Community grew, it became each other.I have not seen the ‘covert’ strategy of “Master Salesman Formulae” anywhere else, and I have used it many times now to deadly effect. (If you've read a couple of dating ebooks, then you know exactly what I am talking about here.) I've probably devoured and tested more stuff than anyone else, and from my many years of being "in-the-trenches" I'm able to experience first-hand each major style of seduction.This LIE really pisses me off because it’s blatantly false, and was cooked up to deliberately MISLEAD men. after seeing it multiple times in a couple of dating guides.much of what we are commonly taught about dating is just plain WRONG.anyone who has REAL success with women knows that the same techniques that work throughout the years will continue to work...simply because human nature doesn't evolve that quickly.When I first got myself into this game, there weren’t any resources like this at all.

You see, you can do Direct Game if the woman you're trying to pick up is already attracted to you. The same thing applies to need to even be remotely familiar with the Seduction Community for Deadly Seduction™ to work for you.The principles by which Bruce Lee realized that martial art styles have become too rigid and unrealistic...and designed JKD as a "free form" style with smooth-flowing techniques incorporated from karate, kung fu, boxing and other schools of martial arts."So I'm just calling in to say thanks.I then decided to tackle this very important part of my life head-on…and try to research the process of attracting women by reading every dating book that I could get my hands on.

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