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Ironically, treatment and acceptance are more important for women.

A question, doubt, or call for help should never be dismissed or brushed under the rug.

Even if you are not sure or have not been diagnosed with nymphomania, surrounding yourself with people who are and who are open to this kind of conversation can be tremendously beneficial.

Having the opportunity to talk and discuss your triggers and habits without fear of judgment will help you better understand your condition.

This behavior is compulsive, which means that the person engages in these activities without being able to control them and without getting pleasure from them.

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This poses potential social harms; because society is less accepting of the condition, women who suffer from it are less open to seeking help.The condition has graver repercussions for the fairer sex, including increased exposure to violence, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases.In order to cope, consider seeking self-help groups like Sexaholics Anonymous, Sexual Recovery Anonymous, and Sex Addicts Anonymous.Personal or family history of mental illness, homosexuality, trauma, and stress are all factors that can contribute to the onset of nymphomania.Women under the age of 30 are also more likely to develop the condition.

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