Dating winchester model 70 serial number

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Competing as it did with the Remington Model 700, it was decided that changes needed to be made in the face of rising labour costs.

Accordingly, in 1964 Winchester made a number of design changes to the Model 70.

The best way to identify a pre-1964 Model 70 Winchester rifles is the serial number and the fore-end screw to secure the barrel to the stock. The receivers of these Model 70s were machined from bar stock steel.

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Other significant features of this action include a three-position wing-type safety (retained throughout Model 70 production), a cone breeching-system that helps prevent bullet-nose damage while loading a cartridge from the magazine, machined steel trigger-guard and floor plate, one-piece bolt construction, and a trigger adjustable for pull weight and over-travel.It was a high-quality action of considerable strength, with 2 forward locking lugs and a Mauser-type non-rotating claw extractor.The key benefit of the Mauser-type extractor compared to later versions is that it captures the rim of a cartridge as it is fed upwards from the magazine and controls its journey forward into the rifle's chamber.However, the new model seldom gives feeding problems." Any Model 70 rifle made since that is not designated as a "Classic" model is likely to have this post-1964 action.In design terms (enclosed bolt face, plunger ejector, brazed bolt construction) the new action itself was comparable in design to the competing Remington Model 700, which has a worldwide following and is considered to be very reliable.

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