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For more information about the Xbox One app model, see the following resources: Xbox One provides several storage options, each with its own benefits and constraints.Apps may need to use a combination of options depending on the apps' requirements.Connected storage is designed to help apps save Xbox One gameplay data and other relevant app states-data that should roam between consoles.The Connected Storage API, specific to Xbox One, assists with saving and uploading that data.In addition to saving gameplay when the app is suspended, you should consider persisting menu state if the user is in the middle of configuring a setting or customizing a character outside the main game engine.Users can leave a game suspended for a very long time.Apps cannot stop users from navigating away, as with the navigation model on modern smartphones and tablets.

Presenting a fast-switching user experience requires the currently running exclusive app to shut down quickly when the user wants to run another one.

The system enforces a maximum time limit of 1 second for this operation.

If the app has not returned within 1 second, the system forcibly terminates the application.

To work well with the Xbox One application model, apps should be prepared to serialize state into a memory buffer quickly so that relevant state can be saved within the 1 second suspend time-frame.

Note that there is a difference between saved data about user gameplay, and data about the state of the app, such as location within menus.

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