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Lets start with the pros and cons: There is a joke that to play warlock effectively all you have to do is hold down W and the right mouse button and you'll go from 1 to 20 in no time.

Wisdom - So I thought you would need lots of this, but there is almost no way to spend spellpoints and the DC abilities like paralyzing arrows don't let you use acid damage at the same time soooo.... Level 1 - Point Blank Shot (Really good early game) Level 3 - Precision (Really good always, definitely take this) Level 6 - Dodge (Meh) Good time to take Mithril plating for WF.Using RMB to auto attack will cause arrows to mysteriously disappear, so make sure to let the game fire for you.It isn't as fun as running down a hallway all gung ho and gunning people down, but it aint about fun.Pure fictional awesomeness Improved Weapon Finesse - Allows you to do insane physical bow damage instead of 0 because it lets you use dex for damage instead of strength Action Boost Damage - Gives you a nice buff to combo with manyshot Favoured Hunter - 3 to hit and damage against all favoured enemies is super useful Killer - Since you are always top damage, you will get all the kills.This gives you more double shot when you get kills, making you do more damage and get more kills. Might not be good at level 30, but until then you should have so much extra to hit that it doesn't matter Strikes Like Lightning - 20% Doubleshot.

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