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Therefore, Enterprise Architect must enforce serialized editing of its version controlled Packages.As a consequence, it is important that TFS is configured to use 'exclusive checkouts' for XML files.In this case, TFS can take a long time to work through and update the files in all of those folders, and the system might appear to 'freeze' whilst it waits for TFS to hand back program control.The XMI format files used for the version control of Enterprise Architect's Packages can not be merged like ordinary text files.

Enterprise Architect relies on the presence of checkout locks to ensure that Packages can only be checked out exclusively and that a given Package is not already checked-out in some other project (for instance, in a Private Model deployment).

A number of basic tasks are performed in creating an If you have a single Enterprise Architect project that contains many different models (for example, a DBMS hosted project with multiple model root nodes), you might choose to create a new TFS project for each separate A working copy folder must exist on each users' machine, for Enterprise Architect to use when exporting and importing the version controlled Package files.

It is this folder that is specified as the Local Project Path, when defining your Version Control Configurations.

Removing the conflicting workspace allows Apex SQL Source Control to work as expected.

Workspaces can be removed using Visual Studio or Command Line Interface (CLI).

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