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But you know what Buckaroo Banzai said: “Wherever you go, there you are.” So I stopped sleeping with that particular guy.

I made it to seven years of sobriety by, One, working the program and, Two, substituting intoxicating behaviors for intoxicating substances.

Turned out, I just made a whole bunch of fresh new mistakes.

I’m a smart girl, I figured, and I’ve been working the Steps for years.

We got married, and I kept going to meetings because I had no blueprint for fidelity and commitment, and I needed to stay accountable.

She pointed out that she had nothing to gain either way; after all, wasn’t sleeping with me.

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My swollen, festering, possibly gangrenous broken toe.

And in the face of this addiction, can K hold on to his friends, his job, or even his humanity?

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